Sector 5 Inc. is a Nevada public corporation (OTCQB: SFIV) which sells Sector 5 branded electronic products targeting the educational and consumer electronics markets. Based on our partnership with Google for work and education, Sector 5’s core business is developing, manufacturing, and selling Chrome and Android OS products and related devices.

Sector 5 and its manufacturing partners, “best in class” suppliers, and tier-1 designers are working together to combine American ingenuity and China’s manufacturing strengths to create products with the latest technology, innovative features (rugged designs, spill/drop resistant, portable) and best pricing, exceeding market expectations. Sector 5 has recently developed a wireless charging cart solution for laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, iPads and other mobile devices.

Sector 5’s distribution strategy centers on our competitive advantages in the B2B, retail, e-commerce, K-12 and Higher Education markets. Building and maintaining good distribution relationships will be an essential element of our success. In our product planning efforts, we solicit input from our sales channels for opportunities as well as providing them updates on innovations we are developing. The latter will become increasingly important as we grow our unique portfolio of products.

Sector 5’s foundation of success and promise to the world is defined by a pursuit of simplicity and a commitment to innovation. Quality, reliability and excellent customer support is an integral component of that commitment.


Sector 5 is expanding Internationally to India. More news to follow.