Let the inspiration of Wordsworth’s daffodils and Cummings’s spring as a shifting hand set students off to “poetic license” the season.

Use all the many features of your Chromebook and Google Apps- video, graphics, photos, slides, audio , word docs, and more to capture long awaited Spring.

At Ditmas IS 62 in Kensington, Brooklyn, NY.  award winning English Language Arts educator Ms. Amanda Xavier, immerses her students in a deeply engaging close text analysis of Wordsworth’s I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” which accesses students to personalized poetry responses.

Mr. Angelo Carideo, head of the school 6th Grade Stem program and an independent film maker, integrates the study of poetry as a craft with videos of and audio files of the sounds of spring.  His program called Cyber62.com is focused on infusing technology tools and resources to enhance student poetry design and to then provide through dissemination online a broad poetry audience for the poems created.

Check out a few of IS 62K’s poems which are nurtured and supported by Mr. Barry Kevorkian,  Principal leader , and Ms. Michelle Buitrago, AP for ELA.

You are invited to comment on these 6th grade student poems and send in for posting student poems which have a signed media parent release form and which include your school name, address, your full name, grades and student’s with first name only and last initial.

Let us “Spring forward” through April Poetry Month and engage our 21st century poets in a timeless craft of authentic capturing of moments and meaning, enriched and digitally enhanced through technology tools.

Ms. Amanda Xavier Grade 6 Spring Rites
6th Grade Responses to 19th Century Wordsworth

Goodbye and Goodbye, Winter
The flowers bloom.
The sun
shines bright.
laugh and
all day.Goodbye snow.
Goodbye cold.Goodbye and goodbye
from goodbye clouds.

Spring is here.
We WILL enjoy it!!
Iris Campos

Winter just came
But it is about to lose its fame.
For flowers are coming,
Trees are “leaf”ing.Tattering rain against the roof
Makes me want to go poof. . .
Leave in a way ,
Just go away.Get lost in the grass,
Dance with the falling leaves.
Watch them fall,
Oh, so fast!!

Soon , soon
Summer will come.
As the trees remember the cold,
Their leaves will overlap, then
Jasmin Singh 650


I walk on the street.
My hands in my pocket.
All Because of a little Leaf
I look up.
See a leaf
Budding up from
A once bare tree.
Now it was tossing
In the wind.
Few were the leaves I saw,
Great the joy they brought.
They had gone from grey and black
To green and live.
Kids raced to the street.
Quiet people smiled
Said “hi” when you pass.

All because of a little leaf.
Marwa Ahmed

No Need for Gloom

The sun is bright.
Flowers are in bloom.
Spring is here.
No need for gloom.
Birds sing.
Bees sting.
Daylight is longer.
The world’s beauty is expressed.
So lovely, so dear, so shining
You can hear clearly birds sing.

This is Spring,
It is finally here.
No need for worry,
At last the time to cheer!!
Ayesha Chowdhury

Flowers, Trees and More
Flowers dead-
Now Alive!
Flowers are blooming,
Trees are sprouting-
Sometimes it rains,
Sometimes not.
It can go so
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Birds are chirping,Squirrels scurrying.
Amaraylis, Dahlias
And more
Wear shorts every day.
I so love this times of year
Full of joy and curiosity .
About the animals,
About the flowers
About the sun
And the
Spring of Much Much More.Shohjahon Saidmurodov
(There are illustrations with this poem done by the poet)
Winter is gone spring is coming
Spring is here,
Flowera will bloom,
The light will come,
There will no longer dark,
There’s no coldness,
There will be colorful trees,People will smile from now on…
Nadia shamma 607
The leaves dance with the wind
The Spring is near
Spring will come
Get cozy
Spring is here
Spring in the air
Spring is everywhere
Spring will be gone.
It will be back.
It will rest.
Don’t be sad.
Spring will come back.
Today the flowers bloom,
Let’s enjoy today.
For today is spring,
And life is new.Lindsay Mendoza 604
In the winter
My friend
The squirrel had died.
It was nice to see him.
He made us laugh
played jokes with us.
EverytimeWe saw him in the window
we all said
“There is Michael!”Maybe Michael made a miracle boy
In spring
The miracle boy will emerge
Like the flowers
And the sun
New life is born
Into all of us…

Jennyfer Gonzaga 604

Spring is coming,
Winter is going
Goodbye Snow . . .
Flowers Grow!
Spring is here.
Winter is there.
Spring is sunny.
Winter is snowy .
Spring comes in.
Winter goes out .
Spring is coming.
Winter is going
Spring is here.
In the air.
Flowers are here.
Sticks are there.
Birds and bees.
Trees and leaves.
Are here.
Leaves are “greenful.”
Flowers are “pinkful.”
Birds are “blueful.”
Everywhere is “colorful.”
Spring spring is here . . .
Full of Colors!Shahzoda Sanatilloeva 607
Namra Afzal 650 has beautiful storyboard art
Aayan Syed 680 has a storyboard connecting with snowman and spring.
Samiha Maisha 680 has a very poetical storyboard.

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