Chromebooks connect students, communities and families together owning their present and funded futures

Imagine teens grades 8-12, rushing to classes to the difference between economic wants and needs.  Imagine them using their chromebooks to create graphic enhanced personalized informational documents and t charts of their wants versus their needs and keeping pre and post financial literacy records of how these change as they become more financially competent.

Imagine teachers being able in mathematics, consumer ed, life skills and test skills courses being able to assess these personal student financial literacy evolving portfolios as an aggregate financial literacy assessment data base for their own review

Imagine teachers curating financial literacy resources and materials for their students to investigate to view on You Tube.  Imagine the teachers encouraging students to participate in terms of comments or posts on some of these sources.

Imagine parents at home, reviewing these graphic and word doc files.  Imagine parents developing their own annotated wants and needs plus adding pictures and scanning actual leases, credit agreements and other finance documents   to their very real family charts.  Imagine the parents also maintaining these files on their family chromebooks and perhaps audio file recording a discussion about how they personally prioritize these wants versus needs.  Imagine the capacity of the Chromebooks allowing parents fluent in languages other than English to talk their hearts out about money in their native language and even if they like do a video to share with their children.

Imagine them analyzing with expert educator and family member participation what happens to multimillion dollar salaries of  movie stars, NBA, NFL, MLB and rap stars. Imagine students starting to read the business sections or sports sections of general online news resources or celebrity ones solely for reports of these bankruptcies and starting to reflect or annotate on lessons they learn as young aspiring persons from these successes whose windfalls or huge grosses were ground to dust.   They can do a reflective business commentary on their chromebooks and save them for a financial student newsletter or a column or letter to their already ongoing student newsletter.

Imagine young adolescents currently proposing a project for city council discretionary budgeting at a budget meeting.  They can not only develop a compelling chart detailing the reasons supporting the need and the appropriateness of the budget request they are making but also use their Chromebooks to get interviews supporting their project from adult and student stakeholders.  They can select visuals and public domain or original music or special effects to make their multimedia presentation curated in their chromebook a standout vote getter at the public expo before the adult voters vote the project in or turn it down,

Imagine teens starting savings accounts knowing differences between credit unions and banks. Imagine teens using the capacities of their Chromebooks to create a teen friendly glossary of relevant terns with pix of teens and their voices narrating authentic financial fundamentals contextualized to terms that address student talk and  real life economic realities.

Imagine students taking ownership of their future by setting aside wages and gift money to save for future.  Imagine students using their chromebooks as a digital savings journal with personal reflections as the process progresses and savings build.

Imagine adolescents talking with their family members about cultural economic values, and shared family funded futures.  How many teens today experience in their lives the affects and effects of family financial loss in terms of business failure or caregiver job loss or disability or immigration or escape from a hostile birthplace country.  The chromebook can curate and preserve shared emotions and revelations about these financial challenges that so change family lives and help build family communication to distress to some extent adult family members and make what they are going through more comprehensible to younger family members.

Imagine teen student leaders doing service outreach experience to: businesses to do local case studies, banking managers, accountants, payroll personnel, budget managers and more. Instead of waiting until college or a high school business elective, students can use chromebooks to record interviews with local business owners to find out about monthly budget and challenges for small business survival presented by escalating rents, weather disasters, product shortages and changing staff. Chromebooks can record the actual sounds, records, conversation and other day to day business realities without students waiting to read in a printed text or on a web site about the daily struggles of an abstract small business distanced from their reach.

Imagine teen finance experts holding neighborhood forums, podcast shows or producing financial teen to teen newsletters or blogs.  The Chromebooks can record, video document, musically score and curate attendance and reactions for all these products.

If imaging this aligns with your educator administrator, or parent vision of SEL student self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, positive family interactions , family partnerships and constructive positive youth development with a concrete ongoing project based student controlled project.

Cents Ability offer s youth an engaging student centered, CCSS, PARCC and SAT/ACT program that can translate into higher scores, actual college and summer job fiscal budgetary readiness and beyond.  Teens, families, licensed teachers and financial experts working together can make financial literacy imagined social goals, a concrete teen centered reality.

Chromebooks can curate and serve as a connected platform to take financial fundamentals from abstract concepts to digitally doable and realizable student financial literacy realities. These realities are key for today’s teens to make future academic, personal and world improvement dreams come authentically present.

Dr. Rose Reissman,

Academic and Grant Funding Director for Sector 5

About Sector 5,

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SFIV), is a Proud American Corporation, that sells, manufactures and develops new innovative consumer electronics under Sector 5 and other brands. The Company markets its partnership with Google approved Chromebooks to educational organizations, other B2B and B2C sales channels, with retail sales on Amazon. It is in development of several new products to serve the educational, business and retail markets. Follow the company on and and find further information at For Sector 5’s Forward Looking Statements, click here.


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