Family Movie Going – Sharing More Than Popcorn

How Chromebooks can connect and concertize family movie experiences into rich digital literacy research, investigation and responses

As the official school year draws to a close, many families use the onset of the summer season as a chance to experience onsite movie complexes as a family.  Nothing compares to that crowded movie theater scent of buttered popcorn and soda family bonding experience.  But that experience can easily platform beyond just solid fun and family bonding.



Charge up your chromebook before your shared movie to talk about and record as a word file or an audio file the following issues:

Why as a family you are selecting a particular movie to view and what you most anticipate seeing in that movie, whether it be a specific actor performance, special effects or the film version of a book familiar to you or a movie.  If the movie is part of an ongoing

What if anything influenced your decision to see that particular film, whether it was word of mouth from friends or relatives or reviews or a controversy over the film.

At the movies:

As you watch the film, share in whispers and use the available film lighting to jot down surprises, disappointments and elements of the movie that make each of really like the movie or really feel your money was wasted or feel it was just a chance to bond together.

Jot down notes as you leave and if you like sketch the audience or an effect or character from the film.  Chat up other audience members to get their reaction as you wait for popcorn or on the bathroom line or exit the film. If given permission record what they say for an audio file to upload later.

After the movies:

Upload your comments as an audio file or a video and share them with family, friends and others through your Chromebook network or through school network.  React to their comments.

Go on Google and search out reviews for the film you just saw as a family.  After reading each one, work together as a family or individually or in pairs to react to the reviews as published.

Family members can author their own review and email it to the reviewer or to the site as comment of blog or they can use the capacities of the chromebook to upload a conversation about the film in the style of television show movie reviews as an audio or a video file.  Beyond sharing these with those in their Chromebook network, they can send them to the online sources whose reviews they have read.   Many families who send a word or digital upload get a personal response which validates their viewer response.

Moving beyond the movie to digital online research, investigation and response:

Take the example of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 –

The film was based on a Marvel Comics Superhero which can be researched with comparisons made between the actors and sets and the pen and ink drawings of the comic book. Families can create slides with the original public domain artwork and the set scenes and then narrate a comparison between a s

This film is a sequel, In what ways does it answer or develop the themes and music and characters presented in the first film?  Are the plotlines from the print comics or developed by 21st century screen writers?

The film is heavy with references to 1980’s and 1990’s television show such as Cheers and actor David Hasselhoff familiar to American born parents but not familiar to their kids.  Together they can review the footage of these television shows to understand references to them by Peter which otherwise would be lost to the kids.

While the family is working with a chromebook to go online and react to the film digitally, Peter and the other Guardians are engaged in using Walkman’s and deejaying hits from the 20th century pop music catalogue.  Given the audio features of their chromebooks families can listen online to the songs and research their cultural context.  They can create their own Chromebook based mix audio files with their own narrations sharing their research into the music and their reaction to it.

In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it is obvious that a third chapter will be coming up in the series.  Families can go on word doc and video record predicting the plot and direction of that next film in the ongoing series and suggesting actors and new characters for it.

Some family members might read the initial Marvel Comics Guardians series and use that as a text for predicting and suggesting the next movie iteration for this series.

Older family members will compare this laugh filled and music video style film with the original Star Wars and Spiderman and Batman films.  They can argue for the extent to which this series ranks among the best of the Superhero films or the worst or in between.  Kids can argue about how it compares and contrasts and ranks with the first Guardians.  These arguments can be saved as word docs or uploaded as talking head videos or audio file conversations.

The above  before, during and after movie chromebook situated activities which can be saves on a site, as a blog , as a video or as a slide with commentary or as hand drawn illustrations: are just the type of the literary icecap of collaborative conversations, note taking, reading a range of digital and print resources ,interviewing, researching, arguing a position, reviewing, plotting and creatively developing additional script treatments for a film series that can originate from a shared family movie outing.

While nothing beats digging into a large tub of buttery movie popcorn in a crowded movie auditorium as the lights go down and the movie starts, talking, interviewing, reading reviews online, recording reactions, listening to the individual recordings that went into the film mix and screening previous television or films referenced using the multi-featured chromebook platform can extend the literacy learning and family bonding reach of movie going.  So after the popcorn is gone and the family returns home, the movie digital bonding and conversational movie talk can and will go on and on,  depend in your chromebook for ongoing admission to movie inspired family talk, sites, word docs, audio file and more!!

Movies such as Beauty and the Beast (2017) lend themselves beautifully to comparison with previous animation and theater as well as print versions.

Boss Baby (2016) a highly successful cartoon feature is based on a little know board book of the same name by Maria Frazee  published in 2010  and can be compared to the print work.

Everything, everything (2017) was a bestselling work by Nicola Yoon before it become a film.

Hidden Figures focuses on a short portion of the Margot Lee Shetterly nonfiction best seller.

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