Sector 5 INDIA is Online

Sector 5 is proud to announce that its new website for India is now active and online: 

Our history began with passion. Our vision is to enable every K-12 child with an internet enabled Chromebook learning device, encouraging self growth and aiding to eliminate poverty levels due to lack of educational tools. Our education partnerships help us develop enrichment programs that enhance distribution of Sector 5 learning devices. It doesn’t matter how big your school, institution or enterprise. No matter your budget, Sector 5 provides easy to use electronic to engage students anytime, anywhere.

We are an international company that is able to provide Schools AND Business with the solutions they are looking for. We feel India has great potential for Sector 5 and its vision to help schools and individuals.

Sector 5 is a global electronics manufacturer with headquarters in the USA with particular passion in continually innovating improved learning devices for public and private educational institutions. Our enterprise department boosts enterprise mobility and mobile device management solutions so IT can quickly adopt mobile-based workflows to manage technologies such as retail point-of-sale, information kiosks, field data entry, and more with Sector 5 electronics.

Sector 5 INDIA is Online


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