Meet Mr. Rights (Use Chromebooks to create your visions)

He is fictional (or so it would seem) superhero in plain garb who was created by librarian, international rights activist, NYC citizen activist and noted author Lynn Rosen (  Lynn has found that this seemingly fictional character has a mission to help adults and children and animals enjoy the rights they deserve.  She has authored 35 works in print and is writing her 36th work about real world issues where rights are violated or eradicated and Mr. Rights emerges to make certain that they are safeguarded.

Here’s her poetry framed introduction of him as a character:

Mr. Rights

He is a defender of the poor, the meek, and the weak.

He helps the voiceless.

For them, he does speak.

Cares about causes and is always there.

He is a superhero who lives to share.


He Is loved by one.

And should be loved by all.

Hear his very brilliant call.

He travels around the world helping anyone in need.

His mission is for everyone to succeed

Believes in justice and action too

Watch out he might visit you

Lyn reflected on the Mr. Right character for which the images above were created:

Many years ago, I developed this character. He is a hero for all seasons and one that knows how to fight the fight, to right the wrongs and to create awareness. The first book in which he appeared was: “Here comes Mr. Rights.”

Since he was so popular I decided to engage him in the same issues that touched my heart. He went to Morocco to help the mountain people, fought against hunger, drugs, guns and so much more.

What separates him from other superheroes is that he is a man who believes in causes. He doesn’t fly through the air with the greatest of ease. He opens his heart to assist others. He lives in New Jersey and often visits schools in New York.

In my latest book, “MR. RIGHTS MEETS MS. FIRST AMENDMENT”, he fights for a group of students who are having their rights taken away.

He lives alone and he is always eager to help. He even helped President Obama. I got an award for ,” Mr. Rights Visits The Middle East “. This book touched my heart. He went to both Palestine and Israel to explain to the children that they were not the reason there was war. Their parents were the reason and they should not hate each other.

Through this character, I am allowed to create awareness of problems such as hydraulic fracturing, hunger and homelessness. Just think how much we need Mr. Rights today. We have so many problems and he could save the day.

Chromebook Community educators and students- Heed our call.   This is your mission should you decide to accept it.

Mr. Rights like all style and image conscious superheroes needs a bit of an image makeover.  You see two of his original images which owe something to Superman and Clark Kent.

  1. Can you using your picture capacity, your graphic talents and programs or maybe 3D printer design at least two looks for Mr. Rights which reflect his consciousness and his style sense? Perhaps include some appropriate slogans or logos in his look.  Perhaps you spot someone on your block whose garb would be great for Mr. Rights or see a product line he could endorse.  Build up an original or curated design closet for his and end the jpgs to us at
  2. Given the cast lineup of superhero movies and television shows and cartoons, Mr. Rights is ready to corner his sector of the market. What medium – film, television show or cartoon, would suit Mr. Rights best?  Whatever your choice, explain why you feel that medium would be best for Mr. Rights and detail the type of music, style- serious or satiric or comedy or dramedy- you feel would work best for this media adaption of Mr. Rights?  Use your chromebook audio files to identify or record a playlist for your suggested media treatment or maybe even if you compose an original instrumental or musical theme for Mr. Rights.
  3. What favorite actor or singer would be perfect for the live action role of Mr. Rights? Name him and explain why he physically fits the bill or perhaps his charity work makes him a fit.  Would a current sports hero or past star be a good fit for the Mr. Rights role?  Explain why.
  4. Rights has to have a cause and a case to intervene in to tap his powers. Use your Chromebook access to online news and videos or other digital resources to find current cases that fit Mr. Rights’ passion and expertise.  He is a very busy man so write him an email with an attached link so he can read up on your suggested case and decide whether it is one he will tackle.  Use a paragraph in your email to convince him to take the case.
  5. If you have worked with a stop animation program or can draw a graphic narrative character create at least three panels of Mr. Rights learning and reading about your suggested case. Scan those and send them in to
  6. Perhaps you have been looking at all the titles of cases Lynn Rosen’s Mr. Rights has worked on and wondering why the character isn’t Ms. Rights? Go ahead take your idea and draw or identify from a photo or design using graphic arts a Ms. Rights to assist Mr. Rights or if you like the idea better to compete with him.  Wouldn’t the world be more open to human rights if there were at least two superheroes working to enable them everywhere?  You can even take a friend and develop a recorded commercial for the newly made over Mr. Rights or Ms. Rights or even a 90 second discussion between the two arguing over a case.  Record it and share it with our site/

Teachers and students, unlike the tech tools in the Mission Impossible television which self destructed after the mission was delivered, Chromebooks are durable and will keep in charging.  In a parallel fashion as students integrate their visual, auditory, reading, writing, speaking, collaborating and reflecting skills in supporting Mr. Rights (or Ms. Rights) in ongoing rights crusades, they will continue making concrete CCSS and civics connections so needed in our 21st society.  We need a hero, but we also need everyone to be caring, community focused caretakers.  Let us chromebook charge behind the real Mr. Rights and Ms. Rights advocates of our world.

Dr. Rose Reissman,

Academic and Grant Funding Director for Sector 5

About Sector 5,

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SFIV), is a Proud American Corporation, that sells, manufactures and develops new innovative consumer electronics under Sector 5 and other brands. The Company markets its partnership with Google approved Chromebooks to educational organizations, other B2B and B2C sales channels, with retail sales on Amazon. It is in development of several new products to serve the educational, business and retail markets. Follow the company on and and find further information at For Sector 5’s Forward Looking Statements, click here.


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