BIRTH CERTIFICATE Poems Inspired by Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson Only first names used

Sample 1

March 29th 2002

The birthday of Theresia

On my birthdate

Mexica captures the leader

Of the Drug Cartel.

His name is Juan

Rodriguez Garcia.

He generated shoot outs

And massacres in the

Northern State of



Juan gets arrested

In a very wealthy

Suburb of the Northen

Industrial city Monterrey.


March 29, 2002,

Was the day I was born,

And 3 months later,

I was adopted.

Sample 2

MY birth certificate:  Zebo .

Number two child.


Uzbekistan, a small country.

Money is much needed.

“Black Cash” is what they say,

I call it a poor society.


The suffering starts,

Making less money,

But expensive food.

Just all of a sudden.

Most affected the capital city-

Tashkent, the city of Uzbekistan,

Peaceful city,

Wanting help.


A little girl is born.

A girl who was weak.

A little girl who dreams big,

Who believes big.


With a powerful name,

With a beautiful name.

A little girl was born.

Yes she was weak.

Yes she was sick,

But that was just the beginning of her struggles

In a small country.


The country is weakening,

Just when the little girl

With big dreams was born.

Just why?

She was already weak.

Uzbeckistan, small country-

Small girl, big dreams






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