Dan Diamond and I am a second-grade teacher in Philadelphia, PA.

My name is Dan Diamond and I am a second-grade teacher in Philadelphia, PA. Last year I was awarded a grant to purchase Chromebooks for my classroom. The grant was for a total of four-thousand dollars, which is a nice sum of money and I had thought this would allow me to purchase a class set from the computer company that the district, in which I work for, has a contract with. After contacting the company the price point would only allow me to purchase twelve Chromebooks. However, since the funds were obtained from a grant, I had the opportunity to purchase Chromebooks from another distributor. I did some research and I contacted Sector-Five via email.  Within twenty-four hours I received a call from Peter, little did I know that he was the head of the company.  We spoke for some time about what I needed and he sent me a demo that day. I received the Sector Five Chromebook and gave it a test run; the computer is fast, easy to operate and has a long-lasting battery. It was as good as, and even better than all the major computer companies’ Chromebooks. I was convinced this was the perfect Chromebook for my class, specifically for these reasons; it has the power and speed that it is needed for the classroom. The all-day battery power allows my students to use the computers without having to charge the battery during the day. The case is amazing, it keeps the computer safe. Unfortunately, accidents happen in the classroom, I have witnessed students drop and even have the Chromebooks fall off of their desk. No damage done, the computers still work like new all because of the amazing case. The built in handle allows the students to carry the computers around the classroom without the fear of having them slip out of their hands. The price point is the best out there; they by far beat any competitor. Ordering from Sector-Five allowed me to more than double the number of Chromebooks for my classroom. When I called to place my order, I was connected with Peter. He was so excited to work with school children that he decided to cover the cost of the management system which allowed me the opportunity to order more computers, in fact enough for a full class set. It was so nice to work with a businessperson who cared more about giving students the opportunity to use technology in the classroom then making large profit margins from school children. It has been over a year and all of the Chromebooks work as well as they did the day they came out of the box. Sector-Five has amazing customer service and is the most affordable option on the market. They have given my students, for two years now, the opportunity to learn through and with technology. Thank you Sector 5 for empowering my second-grade students and their future.



Dan Diamond

Second Grade Teacher

Philadelphia, PA

About Sector 5,

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SFIV), is a Proud American Corporation, that sells, manufactures and develops new innovative consumer electronics under Sector 5 and other brands. The Company markets its partnership with Google approved Chromebooks to educational organizations, other B2B and B2C sales channels, with retail sales on Amazon. It is in development of several new products to serve the educational, business and retail markets. Follow the company on www.twitter.com/sectorfiveinc  and www.facebook.com/sect5 and find further information at www.sector-five.com. For Sector 5’s Forward Looking Statements, click here.

CONTACT: contact@sector-five.com


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