Take Your School for Grant-ED!! Sector 5 is assisting schools with writing grants.

Sector 5 Invites You to be our Guest for Funding our Products in Your Schools!!

  1. Are you already as are many of your schools using our Chromebooks or other electronic devices to personalize learning for your students?
  2.  Are you seeing amazing results from even limited use of Chromebooks that are ready to go in seconds and allow you the teacher to manage your students’ individual portfolios with no need for an IT person?
  3.  Do you notice how rugged and durable Sector 5 Chromebooks are so that even if they are dropped or fall, they keep on going like the proverbial energizer bunny commercials?
  4.  Do you have just a limited number of Chromebooks or other devices so your students need to share them or you have to share them with another class at different times?
  5.  Do you wish you had enough Chromebooks to run a family literacy workshop or have parents come in and actually work on a project with their kids and then have a chance to see their work uploaded in a community that was overseen by you or a colleague?
  6. Have you been using your Chromebooks to upload a software program that is a great self assessment for students to individualize their key reading and mathematics and writing progress plus allow you to comment individually and to view data to scaffold individual student learning approaches?

7.  Would you love to have a set of Chromebooks for your special needs or ESL students for which you could curate resources from Google that would level these bright students to educational equity in terms of academic content access and enhance their self concept plus fulfill social and emotional learning objectives?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions or have a specific Sector 5 product need due to your students’ demographics, school setting, budget limits or an overarching local or national concern, you need to address, Sector 5 invites you to contact its funding director  Dr. Rose  drrose@sector-five.com to start writing a proposal for your product needs to be funded by a corporate, city, state, or foundation sponsor.

Sector 5’s commitment to engaging, enfranchising, enabling and empowering students K-12 to be current and ongoing proactive literate, informed and competent users of technology is so inherent to our company mission, that we are more than happy to make your technology needs, technology inventory realities and to help you as educators make your visions of your student’s technology driven education, driving education realities.

So instead of taking your technology needs for granted as you work with a limited set of devices and tools needed for your student’s success, let Sector 5 take you and your students for Grant-ed and fund your needs.

Reach out and contact us so you can then reach out and Chromebook connect your students to technology driven innovation and excellence.

Be our guest- your funding proposal author awaits your email!!

Dr. Rose Reissman,

Academic and Grant Funding Director for Sector 5

About Sector 5,

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SFIV), is a Proud American Corporation, that sells, manufactures and develops new innovative consumer electronics under Sector 5 and other brands. The Company markets its partnership with Google approved Chromebooks to educational organizations, other B2B and B2C sales channels, with retail sales on Amazon. It is in development of several new products to serve the educational, business and retail markets. Follow the company on www.twitter.com/sectorfiveinc  and www.facebook.com/sect5 and find further information at www.sector-five.com. For Sector 5’s Forward Looking Statements, click here.

CONTACT: contact@sector-five.com

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