Philadelphia Philanthropy-

A Snapshot of how Sector 5 Donations made Second Grade William Loesche Students all STEAMED UP!!

Second grade educator Daniel Diamond teaches his inner city Philadelphia students with passion and pedagogy.  He is very focused on all his students from his Title 1 school acquiring basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics but also wants to make certain that they also had from emergent literacy level on the digital fluencies to assure 21st century citizen, community member and entrepreneurial success.  Yet despite his teaching dedication, Daniel recognized that his students, almost 50 percent ESL-Russian, Uzbek and other European language backgrounds- needed more than just his caring classroom literacy, mathematics, and science support.  He knew they needed the individualized reading mathematics self-paced assessments that could be provided by a program such as ScooterPad which was free.  He also knew that few of his students had access to updated computers at home and many did not have Internet access.  Plus these second graders came from families whose economic and family living needs were such that they would have little time to take their children to the public library with Internet access.

Daniel saw the challenges as an educator, but unlike many colleagues who wait their schools to step in and get funding for computers or laptops or additional specialized tutoring/reading pull out support, Daniel decided to take action.  He wrote a grant to pay for Chromebooks for his second grade students so they could at least team to work on ScooterPad and to take ownership of their individualized reading and mathematics skills.  As soon as Daniel was awarded the money, he went straight to Amazon to shop as economically as he could for the most durable Chromebooks he could get the greatest number of his students could have personalized ready in a few seconds Chromebooks to use.

That’s when he entered Sector 5 where he immediately got in touch with noted innovator and tech visionary Sector 5 Team.   Beyond Sector 5 tech innovations, their heart was touched when he learned of how many of Daniel’s families did not have up to date computers at home, nor did they have Internet.  Sector 5 executives was also upset to hear that the second graders’ classrooms had set ups of two to three working computers which obviously could not serve almost thirty second graders half of which were ESL students from European countries.  The Sector 5 executive quickly assumed shipping costs and leveled pricing so that Daniel’s grant monies magically –grew to cover needed classroom Chromebooks.

Daniel was thrilled at the rapid charging –not wasting even 30 seconds- of the Sector 6 Chromebooks.  He happily noted how from his station he could privately or publically comment on student’s progress or individual creations.  He could make audio comments or written or graphic ones for his intermediate or beginner ESL students.  Suddenly differentiation and research became a Chromebook situated breeze as students from ESL and native language backgrounds could watch videos of animals instead of just seeing pictures and Daniel could curate high quality foreign language and English video and audio resources as well as genre models of special domain science dictionaries and alphabet books.  Every child, was empowered to narrate his/her work and graphically illustrate it plus identify a musical score for a research display of images and words. Thanks to the spectrum of Google curated graphics, slides, chats, movies, music , voice to text, and text to voice, Daniel’s classroom became a community of collaborative small groups Chromebook based doing jigsaw research on topics.  This was emergent literacy in full multidimensional spectrum of visual, audio, linguistic and spatial skills bloom.

Daniel hopes to expand his entire school into Sector 5 Chromebooks and notes that after a year of intense work, they keep on captivating and differentiating.  Ahead in Daniel’s ongoing exploration of Sector 5’s Chromebook and Charging Cart capacities lies parents being trained in and given Chromebooks for family literacy.

Sector 5 Executive Philadelphia Philanthropy has the promise of offering powerful push for emergent literacy and family literacy at the start of students’ learning experiences so their technology and literacy skills can be potently intertwined.

By Dr. Rose Reissman,

Academic and Grant Funding Director for Sector 5

About Sector 5,

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SFIV), is a Proud American Corporation, that sells, manufactures and develops new innovative consumer electronics under Sector 5 and other brands. The Company markets its partnership with Google approved Chromebooks to educational organizations, other B2B and B2C sales channels, with retail sales on Amazon. It is in development of several new products to serve the educational, business and retail markets. Follow the company on  and and find further information at For Sector 5’s Forward Looking Statements, click here.



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