Sector 5 Chromebooks – Why & How!

I’m Roger McKeague, CEO of Sector 5, Inc., a publicly traded American corporation (OTCQB: SFIV), that develops, manufactures and sells new innovative consumer electronics, including Google approved Chromebooks to schools, districts, students and parents. I’m starting this blog to let you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what’s new. Most importantly, I’m hoping to share our passion and drive and inspire action.

Like most parents, my two daughters (11 and 13) are my highest priority. We believe that the best way to prepare our children to succeed is to get them the hands on training with the tools they will use.

We are looking forward to the challenge of making Sector 5 the largest educational Chromebook manufacturer and distributor in the world. We believe that making 21st century tools available to every child will create opportunity for success for them today and in the future.

I recommend that you check out Tom Vander Ark’s article and interview with Jaime Casap, Google’s education evangelist (Vander Ark Interview with Jaime Casap).

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