As an educator who has been involved in school wide improvements which can have a positive district level measurable content, skill and culture impact, I recognize the potential in Sector 5’s use of Chromebooks for improving measurable skill growth from a baseline level and helping not only school based teacher and data analytic managers, but district data analysts quickly track  entire district growth in a skill based content-i.e. writing an argument or a persuasion five paragraph essay  Use of Chromebooks also helps the school staff and the district administrators target particular grades or populations  that need scaffold support in enhancing skills.  Chromebooks under a small company that can immediately support the district data analytic structure as well as the individual teachers within schools or cohort ESL and special needs teams in addressing proficiency differences, can make access and equity to excellence in disparate skills and products leveled with a few modifications of different population writing prompts.  Even more useful is that not only can the use of Sector 5 Chromebooks connections make District and School efforts cohere into a collaboration for a common skills excellence goal, but also teachers within the district as well as district administrators and students can share responses, prompts, products, actual audio of approaches and visual graphs/graphic organizers within a Chromebook book connected community.  In this context, whether the content is a persuasion or argument prompt or a short response with mathematics work shown and explanation for a particular problem, Sector 5 can connect student, teacher, and district staff in one fell swoop so they can truly work together as a team uniting students, staff and administrators toward a Chromebook created, curated and sustained set of best practices that yield enhanced student growth in skills and real life rigorous career. college and personal competency goals.  Chromebooks can make this cohesion of school and district a reality, one Chromebook classroom connected with district at a time.   Even better expensive outside staff do not have to be hired to manage this connection, school based educators and district staff, supported by Sector 5 can affect it themselves.

Dr. Rose Reissman

Academic and Grant Funding Director for Sector 5

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