How to fix your Chromebook

Sometimes a Chromebook may have issues with drivers or dropped wireless or certain features not working anymore. This is typical as computers change and get upgraded with new software. Just like phones now a days, Chromebooks also need to be refreshed and reset periodically. There are a couple things that can be done to make sure everything is working smoothly on your Chromebook laptop.

  • The first thing we recommend is to powerwash your chromebook periodically as this will reset and clear out old IP’s and old networks you were attached to in the past that can conflict with your current settings. It resets to the computer to factory settings and clears out the memory. Please MAKE SURE that you backup any data saved to the actual unit itself to a USB memory stick or SD card before doing this. Here is the process how to powerwash your computer:

  • The second thing to do if the powerwash doesn’t fix the issues you have, and the issue persists. This can be caused by upgrades that are automatically installed. As new Operating Systems upgrades don’t always run as smoothly as the programmers would like, sometimes it can cause conflictions with drivers or hardware. So to remedy this issue, and to update all the drivers to the most up to date settings (which can cause malfunctions), we recommend re-installing the Chrome Operating System. Here is the process which you can do that:

If after you have tried both of these solutions and the problem persists, please contact the company you have purchased your Chromebook from for assistance.